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/assets/img/white-quote.pngI implore you to create work that inspires you, your co-workers, and the people who aren't born yet. Let your work outlast you, that is the only worthy way to leave a Legacy.”

Nishith Rastogi

CEO, Locus

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We are a team of innovators. Whatever the challenge, we have the right talent to develop & implement best possible technology solutions that creates a meaningful impact. From software developers and solution architects to creative designers and growth hackers, we proudly take complete ownership of our work and deliver the best.


Innovative Solutions

Our appetite for radical innovation over incremental ascend extends beyond the office walls and into our lives.

Exciting Challenges

Harder the challenge, bigger the reward! Be it real-world problems or a code challenge amongst your team, your creative juices will flow.

Inspired People

Respect for logical and analytical thoughts and original ideas that promise an ingenious outcome.

Locus does not discriminate on the basis of caste, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law.

Fun. Laughter. High-fives.

Life at Locus

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How Locus' Dispatcher can help you:

  • Plan dynamic routes that consider 18+ cost variables and multiple real-life constraints
  • Optimally handle on-demand orders along with scheduled orders with rerouting on the go
  • Get live alerts for deviation, unnecessary halts, exceeding break times or potential breach of plans
  • Improve customer experience and save re-delivery costs by increasing First Attempt Delivery Rates

Join Industry Leaders:

Increase in SLA compliance using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
8 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in SLA compliance
Increase in order deliveries using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
45 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in order deliveries
Increase in efficiency and productivity gains using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
15-25 % Increase in efficiency
Saving in logistics costs

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