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The Locus Partner Program is designed to enable partners to expand their market, add more value to their existing client base and differentiate themselves by being equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology in supply chain and logistics. If you have a business presence in e-commerce, retail, logistics, manufacturing, home services, consumer goods domains, we are looking for synergies to partner with you.

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Channel Sales Partner

We’re looking for independent consultants, thought leaders, resellers who can team up with us to create value that goes far beyond product expertise. Become a Locus brand ambassador, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Locus can help you differentiate your services by providing thorough training, resources, and great incentives.

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Channel Sales Partner

Strategic Partner

Locus’ solutions are fortified by our strategic alliances with leading technology partners. We integrate with the best-of-breed tools and products to enhance business value and drive highly innovative solutions for our customers.

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Strategic Partner

Consulting Partner

We partner with Consulting firms with a deep understanding of the supply chain and logistics ecosystem. Collaborate with Locus and combine your expertise with our intelligent solutions to create the most innovative offering to your customers.

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Consulting Partner

More Ways to partner

If you are building something new and looking for a unique way to partner with Locus or want to explore a consultative approach with us, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at partnerships@locus.sh


The Locus partner program is designed to help you grow faster, higher, stronger and reach more customers.

In the age of open marketplace models, there is a strong dependency on Supply Chain and its efficiency to make or break a business. There has been a radical shift in enterprises looking at fulfilment not just as a cost centre but as a way to create differentiation. Let Locus make your customers’ supply chain, their competitive advantage.


In the era of rapid change, you need to go beyond management tools, you need smart, intelligent solutions. By fully integrating business and logistics systems onto a central platform, you create visibility that is an essential part of optimizing supply chain. Integrate Locus with your existing product ecosystem and give your customers the agility to adapt to the ever-changing market needs.


From day one, Locus has been clear about building for scale and with a focus on compliance, data security and ease of use.

  • 100+ enterprise customers
    Locus has clients in over 500+ cities across the globe
  • Compliance and Data security
    We are an ISO 27001 certified enterprise and 100% GDPR compliant
  • Multi-Cloud enabled
    Locus solutions can be deployed on AWS/Azure/AliCloud/Google Cloud Platforms
  • Easy integration
    Locus uses RESTful APIs for smooth integration with your existing systems
  • Innovative AI-based solutions
    Locus uses state-of-the-art proprietary AI-driven technology that differentiates us from competitors

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How Locus' Dispatcher can help you:

  • Plan dynamic routes that consider 18+ cost variables and multiple real-life constraints
  • Optimally handle on-demand orders along with scheduled orders with rerouting on the go
  • Get live alerts for deviation, unnecessary halts, exceeding break times or potential breach of plans
  • Improve customer experience and save re-delivery costs by increasing First Attempt Delivery Rates

Join Industry Leaders:

Increase in SLA compliance using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
8 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in SLA compliance
Increase in order deliveries using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
45 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in order deliveries
Increase in efficiency and productivity gains using Locus Route Optimization Algorithm
15-25 % Increase in efficiency
Saving in logistics costs

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