How Route Optimization Software Improves
Last-Mile Delivery in Southeast Asia


Hidayat is en-route to deliver a parcel.

The address reads: 

Selular Shop, Mall Kelapa Gading 3,Jakarta Utara


Hidayat rechecks the address, looks for a street name or a house number. Nothing!!!


Hidayat is confused. His delivery is going to be late.


There are a lot of Hidayats facing similar issues every day in Southeast Asia.


  • Fuzzy, unambiguous addresses
  • Complex geographical terrains
  • Poor logistics infrastructure
  • On-ground delivery restrictions

What makes it more complex?

  • Market competition is forever increasing
  • Customer demands are dynamic
  • Effective Last-mile delivery is a must

How Route Optimizationsolves the problem

Accurate geocoding and address detection

Optimal fleet mix and route planning

Intelligent clubbing of orders

Control tower applications providing predictive alerts on delays, vehicle breakdowns, etc.

Reduced turnaround time for the customer by optimizing last-mile operations

Prediction of time windows of delivery, thereby increasing first attempt delivery

Digitization of delivery processes using Electronic proof of delivery (EPOD)

Fitting more deliveries in a day by minimizing driving hours with more efficient routes