Why Locus Dispatcher is the solution
to all your route optimization issues

Locus Dispatcher - Modren Route Optimization

Modern Route Optimization (RO) solutions are a lot more than chaperones for guiding shipments from one location to another. Advanced RO solutions allow route planners to manage a fleet, get driving directions, add multiple stops, improve productivity and increase SLA adherence. RO can thus

lead to saving fuel costs, additional pick-up/delivery stops, reduction of labour overtime costs and minimizing human dependency.

Locus Dispatcher - Modren Route Optimization
Locus’ AI-based RO solution, Dispatcher, provides automated route planning that considers multiple real-life constraints and distribution models. Here are the features that differentiate Locus Dispatcher from any other RO solution available in the market.
Real-Time Traffic Consideration:
ETA based on dynamic, real-time data.
Locus Dispatcher - Modren Route Optimization
Order-Vehicle Constraints:
Clubbing genres of products which can be shipped together.
Accurate Geocoding:
Distils and converts even the most ambiguous
of addresses.
Historical Data Inspection:
On three levels - Riders, Customers and Time
of the day.
Locus Dispatcher - Modren Route Optimization
Rider Preference Consideration:
Phasing out traditional system bit by bit.
Change Management:
Smoothens the transition process by tackling resistance from
on-ground team.
Analytics and Report Management:
Manage entire operations in real-time on a single dashboard and compare planned vs executed routes.
Locus Dispatcher - Modren Route Optimization
Proprietary vehicle allocation engine:
Recommendation on the best-suited vehicle based
on stop durations, shipment volume, shipment type, vehicle type etc.
Mobile App:
Order info, schedule and navigation in one
easy-to-manage app.