How Route Optimization can help
different business segments

Route optimization benefits
Different sectors need
Route Optimization to
serve different purposes.
The retail industry is trying
to fight the e-commerce
players by having an
omnichannel presence. On
the contrary, the
e-commerce sector is
struggling with increasing
customer expectations
with respect to deliveries.
The 3PL industry is still stuck with human decision making, and the FMCG industry is yet to discover the optimal sales beat plan. The home services industry, on the other hand, is trying to get as much visibility as possible on its resources.
Route optimization benefits
Here is how Route Optimization can help different business segments:
  • Uses existing retail infrastructure
    to build omnichannel platform -
    same day doorstep deliveries to
    the customers.
  • Tracks and compare the
    performance of vehicles,
    warehouses, store deliveries etc.
  • Handles business constraints
    around SKU bifurcation,
    outlet timings, regulatory
    constraints etc. for the
    dynamic dispatch planning.
  • Can do real-time ETA calculations
    for the customer, with delay
    adjustments on the go.
  • Recommends optimal
    fleet mix (one-time &
    daily dynamic) for
    fulfilment operations.
Route optimization benefits
  • Automates sales beat plans to ensures
    less on-road time and more in-store
    time spent by sales representatives.
  • Gives automated retail fulfilment
    operations and reduced secondary
    freight cost for distributor fulfilment.
  • Provides real-time fleet tracking, ideal and
    executed route comparison and instant
    alert on delays to help with more visibility
    of the fleet.
  • Reduces dispatch planning time and easy
    accommodation of unplanned on-demand
    orders in fulfilment.
  • Presents heuristics solution for
    ranking salesman on skills,
    experience, familiarity and
    preference for a locality or region.
Route optimization benefits
  • Reduces sorting time, save
    logistics costs and minimize
    human dependence with
    automated shipment
  • Enables geocoding and locality
    detection IP to automate
    sorting (primary & secondary)
    processes inside deliver
  • Analyzes historical
    data to understand
    traffic conditions,
    preferred delivery
    timings of customers
    and opening/closing
    hours of specific
  • Helps in overseeing
    operations on a
    single dashboard to
    get smart status
    alerts for delays, idle
    time, spillage etc.
  • Facilitates
    vehicles assigned
    to multiple clients
    and tasks on a
    single day.
Home services:
Route optimization benefits
  • Optimizes routes and
    automatically allocates to
    riders based on historical data
    and dynamic planning.
  • Provides hawk-eye view of all
    vehicles, riders and other on
    ground resources in a unified
  • Aids in servicing when customers
    want by setting delivery
  • Takes instant customer
    feedback with custom apps.
  • Balances the number of
    deliveries per driver and
    accommodates their breaks
    in the schedule.
Route optimization benefits
  • Allocates deliveries based on
    experience and skills of the rider
    to increase customer delight.
  • Provides improved
    visibility of vehicles,
    riders and other on
    ground resources in a
    unified dashboard.
  • Enables slot-based
    deliveries to avoid
    overbooking and
    increase customer
  • Manages forward
    and reverse
    logistics together.
  • Arranges for
    more deliveries
    in a day by
    driving hours
    with more
    efficient routes.
Route optimization benefits
Route optimization benefits
Locus is solving logistics problems of different business
segments with its AI-based Route Optimization solutions.
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